War on Drugs

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An initiative begun under the administration of US President Ronald Reagan that attempted to eliminate—or markedly decrease—drug abuse.
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People are seeing that if anything things are getting worse, with more people becoming addicts, and they are now questioning whether the costs of this drug war are worth it.
He then went on to become a Drug War prosecutor to rehabilitate his rightwing credentials from his anti-war youth.
This plethora of information has altered the drug war in numerous ways, some of them predictable.
With the drug war on the verge of an escalation in the jungle hills of Colombia that some critics equate with Vietnam, the Clinton administration insists that American soldiers and advisers will not be imperiled in the Colombian push.
It sometimes feels like one of Shakespeare's history plays, if there is a history play that looks without flinching at the bankruptcy of the drug war, the intersection between crime and politics, and the day-to-day deprivations of inner-city poverty.
Noting proposals to fund the drug war with higher beer taxes, Sarasin called such attempts "part of a broad attempt to put beer and illegal drugs in the same class.
The United States is not to blame for Mexico's drug war; Mexico is not to blame for Mexico's drug War, President Felipe Calderon is to blame for Mexico's drug war, a war of choice that he should not have declared, that cannot be won, and is doing enormous damage to Mexico.
CIUDAD VICTORIA: Two car bombs exploded in northern Mexico early on Friday, the latest attack in an area where several days earlier marines found the bodies of 72 people gunned down in the country s escalating drug war.
The Pathogen is a suspenseful novel about an ambitious attempt to end the cocaine drug war once and for all.
The Bush drug war is so stupid that, if you pay close attention to it, it could drive you to drugs.