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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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The apostrophe at the end of the poem--like the imagined meeting with the dying man in "Chain Saw in Vermont at Dawn in Time of Drouth," the poet's vision of the dying farmer whose farm he flies over in "Immortality Over the Dakotas," or the wish the poet entertains for his son when the son himself comes to be an old man in "Sunset Walk in Thaw-Time in Vermont"--seeks a kind of impossible communion.
Or in spitting the seed, do we admit that we have eaten again of the fruit of the garden only to re-experience exile--the drouth that "frames" the longing for grace?
This is to-day third of the days since she persists to close, Foodless, in drouth, her ambrosial mouth Death is her choice, on to that goal urged by her secret woes.
In Station Island he writes: 'I hate how quick I was to know my place', (25) and in North: 'while I sit here with a pestering / Drouth for words'.
HOME DROUTH A Judge saved an Ohio man from going to jail - and from any further drink driving offences - by ordering him to move within easy walking distance of a liquor store.
And at their fall, his eyes beneath grew hers; And with his foot and with his wing-feathers He swept the spring that watered my heart's drouth.