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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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And here is another metamorphic line, splitting consciousness apart in the doubling - "The hills have given me quiet breasts,/ Young streams for ease in time of drouth.
As the drouth drags on, she thinks about water all the time, longing for it, endless bodies of water shimmering and cool.
It is angry and violent in its generous resort to dessicating wind and sun, to the depressing effects of drouth and dust, and to the flailing scourges of scarifying sand and choking snow that ride hard upon its reckless winds.
Inspired by the true story of how the SS Politician lost a cargo of whisky, this golden oldie comedy sees a bunch of shrewd Hebridean islanders sate their drouth when 50,000 cases of the hard stuff come floating their way.
M'Curdy Atkinson, The same that had the wooden leg And that filibustering filibeg That never dared to slake his drouth, Magee that had the chinless mouth.
The second sonnet, "Sonnet of August Drouth," also employs imagery that seems specifically regional, and after this poem, Warren would increasingly use regional imagery in his poetry.
Or in spitting the seed, do we admit that we have eaten again of the fruit of the garden only to re-experience exile--the drouth that "frames" the longing for grace?
This is to-day third of the days since she persists to close, Foodless, in drouth, her ambrosial mouth Death is her choice, on to that goal urged by her secret woes.
To be out of the war, out of debt, out of the drouth, out of the blues, out of the dentist's hands, out of the second thoughts, mortifications & remorses that inflict such twinges and shooting pains - out of the next winter, & the high prices, & company below your ambition - surely these are soothing hints.
HOME DROUTH A Judge saved an Ohio man from going to jail - and from any further drink driving offences - by ordering him to move within easy walking distance of a liquor store.