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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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This finding reinforces the drought tolerance and persistence qualities of Sedum album and Sedum sexangulare under different solar intensities and slopes causing droughty conditions (Liesecke 1999; Getter and Rowe 2006).
In this paper's final part, the distribution of precipitation amounts in the droughty years is analyzed, and it is shown that the meteorological drought is not always accompanied by the agricultural drought, and inversely.
Turfs composed of Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue are common, though Kentucky bluegrass cultivars that can tolerate shade, droughty soil conditions, and low levels of maintenance are available.
We are starting to see now that human activity is having a quantifiable effect on the severity of droughty However, the picture is murky and confusing, experts say, and the nuances are too confusing to allow simple conclusions.
This results in droughty conditions, necessitating irrigation to maximize potential yield (Ribeiro and Adis 1984; WinklerPrins 1999).
1994) are especially promising as analogs of Pleistocene communities on droughty or shallow soils.
Indeed, it was the primary characteristic that drew some settlers from droughty areas to the boreal forest, a migration that reached major proportions in the 1930s (Stapleford 1939, 117-22; MacPherson 1990).
Las Vegas and the retirement communities in Arizona and California became established in hostile and droughty areas with no local resources, and sucked in what they needed from outside their state, regardless of cost or environmental impact.
Code Description e Eroded Existing or potential erosion and runoff Lands with slopes > 2% Some form of runoff control is needed w Wetness Poorly drained or occasionally flooded Some soils may be drained, some have been prior converted Some soils are statutory wetlands and must be maintained as such s Shallow Shallow root zone and tillage problems Soils tend to be stony, droughty, infertile, or saline Some potential for wind and water erosion c Climate Rainfall or temperature extremes make farming difficult TABLE 15-4 Land use capability designations of soil-mapping units from Mason Co.
Although extending over a rather narrow range of latitudes, the area of annual ryegrass production in Louisiana ranges from seasonally wet, fertile, clay bottomlands to droughty, infertile, sandy uplands.
A similar motivation is probably also responsible for the anomaly observable in fresquera, the Spanish ancestor of the refrigerator, that is, a cupboard with a grille located in a shady and droughty place of the house, which is derived from the adjective fresco 'fresh.