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If you are successfully able to exchange your foreign driver's license, the license itself will be returned to its country of issue for an EU/EFTA country or, in the case of other countries, will be stamped "invalid in Switzerland" and returned to you.
States have been extremely proactive and effective in providing solutions that will improve security of their driver's license systems," says California Senator Betty Karnette, chair of the National Conference of State Legislatures' Transportation Committee.
Experience shows, however, that this type of security remains weak, and fraudulent use of cards, checks, and driver's licenses costs businesses millions of dollars each year.
Poe said a longer validity period for non-professional and professional driver's license was important 'to save cost on the part of the government and the license holder as motorists do not have to renew their licenses every three years, even as the demand and applications for drivers' licenses exponentially increased over the years.
The former system of having potential organ donors put a pink dot sticker on their driver's license and carry a donor card was ineffective, said Taubman, a kidney recipient and president of the San Fernando Valley/Ventura chapter of TRIO -- Transplant Recipient International Organization.
The NPA's report follows the enactment last week of the revised Road Traffic Law, which paves the way for the issuance of driver's licenses implanted with IC chips.
In 1997, California was the first state to pass a Graduated Driver's License law that included a passenger limit for teen drivers, and the law took effect in July 1998.
September 11th breathed new life into the crusade to convert state-issued driver's licenses into de facto national identification cards.
SACRAMENTO - Stymied in his efforts to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, Sen.
The Driver's License Scan product captures an image of the driver's license and the information contained on the license.
chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, would require anyone applying for or seeking renewal of a state-issued driver's license to prove that they are in the United States lawfully.
Other uses include e-citations (using the optional card reader to verify a machine-readable driver's license and then automatically transferring the demographic information on the license to an e-citation form), wants and warrants (which can be stored in the device's on-board memory for easy field access), corrections (for identifying jail and prison populations in real time), and first responder applications (for verifying the identity and presence of key officers and individuals in the field).