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Philip, U.S. industrial hygienist, 1893-1972. See: Drinker respirator.
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Drinking Patterns Among Drinkers Also Vary by Income, Education
Craft beer drinkers reach out to the brewers daily with pleas to bring back their favorite Samuel Adams styles, and beginning today they can help make that happen.
Most clinicians intuitively appreciate that 80% of drinkers consume only 20% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States.
Your choice of beverage might just determine how much you earn or your ability to make it to the office on time, according to new research, from NESCAFE Alegria by NESTLE PROFESSIONAL, which examines the perceived work ethic of tea and coffee drinkers.
Tea drinkers also have healthier lifestyles so does tea drinking reflect a particular person profile or is it tea, per se, that improves outcomes -- for me that remains an open question.
A new study of liver patients by the University of Southampton shows that a Minimum Unit Price (MUP) policy for alcohol is exquisitely targeted towards the heaviest drinkers with cirrhosis.
Non-decaf (Regular) coffee drinkers tend to think of decaf as "missing" something rather than a value-added product.
ONLY patients with liver problems who are the heaviest drinkers would be affected by a minimum price for alcohol, experts have said.
According to the survey conducted by a coffee company called Bahati Coffee, seven out of 10 bosses revealed they not only trusted coffee drinkers more than non-coffee drinkers but that enjoying a cuppa together helped build rapport.
Those consuming more than 36 grams of alcohol per day - equivalent to just over a pint of medium-strength beer - experience noticeable declines in memory and problem-solving skills up to six years earlier than light or moderate drinkers, scientists found.
Here are some highlights from the "brews clues" survey of more than 2,800 single beer drinkers conducted in September--perhaps you can use the information to help single guests match up.
STREET drinkers who have caused misery in a Wirral trouble hotspot are to be targeted in a crackdown on intimidating gangs.