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n a colloquial term for boring a hole into a tooth with a rotary cutting instrument during cavity preparation. See preparation, cavity.

Patient discussion about drilling

Q. What do you do when one gets an Asthma attack? like what is the drill and what steps i need to do in order to help him ?

A. First thing to do before you have an attack is to find out what your triggers are like smoke,cats,dogs,food,dust--get yourself a pulmonary dr.He will take test to find out what is causing your attacks-also drugs an alcohol can have effect on asthma--if you already have this, try your inhalor first,if it is not helping go to the emergency room at your hosp--mrfoot56.

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He had been treated, therefore, to more than his share of schooling and drilling, but his instructors had not succeeded in mounting him upon stilts.
Vast multitudes of men went to and fro, many in white and drab fatigue uniforms busy about the balloons, others drilling in sensible drab.
Tom had often afterwards reason to be thankful for that early drilling, and above all, for having mastered Harry Winburn's fall.