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1) The contract is for the supply of dressing materials for the Multi-Regional Hospital in Gorzow Wielkopolski.
The report states five new companies are Berzengi factory for production of mineral water, plant for production of disinfectants in Ashgabat, enterprise on packaging medicinal clay and sea salt, enterprise on production of iodine products and the plant on production of sterile dressing materials.
The scientists conclude that this membrane "is of great potential in fabricating dressing materials for rapid wound healing, as well as other biomaterials, such as membrane for capturing circulating tumor cells, bone growth and constructing neural networks.
3) Several new dressing materials have been marketed and are frequently used.
An online resource for dressing materials and practical wound management information.
In order to understand the product usage, categorizing dressing materials generically is critical.
In cooperation with fabric producers, Kree was instrumental in the establishment of various fabric adhesive dressing materials.
Contract notice: Delivery of dressing materials and hygiene (dfzp-ls-271-157 / 2015).
Next we identified the products used in providing these services: medical supplies such as dressing materials and catheters, equipment such as enteral feeding pumps and solutions, and topical medications.
Delivery of dressing materials in groups - Group 1 - sterile compresses,- Group 2 - tupfery gas- Group 3 - tablecloth- Group 4 - non-woven island dressing, triangular shawl, hypoallergenic adhesive plaster, gauze envelope, transparent, sterile dressing, germicidal dressing of PU, PU transparent dressing,- Group 5 - sterile dressing.
Contract notice: Purchase and delivery of dressing materials and surgical suture and disinfectants zapotrzebowanych by the hospital pharmacy for team chorzEw town hospital divided into 23 parts.
Contract notice: Delivery of medicines, dressing materials and pharmaceutical raw materials.