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Denham examined the manuscript, she glanced up at her grandfather, and, for the thousandth time, fell into a pleasant dreamy state in which she seemed to be the companion of those giant men, of their own lineage, at any rate, and the insignificant present moment was put to shame.
I slewed round a little, so as to see Lucy well without seeming to stare at her, and saw that she was in a half dreamy state, with an odd look on her face that I could not quite make out, so I said nothing, but followed her eyes.
With your partner in a dreamy state of suppressed passion, you could even let a surreptitious hand brush down her thigh to see if - joy of joys - she had suspenders on.
HE WAS in that dreamy state between waking and sleeping.
I was happy I came out of it,'' Nyquist said of his dreamy state.
But I was pulled from this dreamy state as I acknowledged that this is the safest my girl will probably ever be - snuggling up to her mother.
Zora's search for "the mighty ideal" (296) echoes Emerson's "Experience" (1844), so much that her dreamy state resembles that of Emerson - even so much that we might compare "wonderful fact" with "true romance" (492).
The chemicals, known as cannabinoids, work independently of marijuana's better-known effects, which include a dreamy state, distortion of the senses and a euphoric feeling, Mr Aidan Hampson and colleagues at the National Institute of Mental Health in Was hington found.
Nor has the nation's first African- American president been able to lead the country into a dreamy state of post-racial harmony.
And as he awoke, in a dreamy state, he must have rolled over and accidentally switched it on.
As they master the rhythms, the drummers go into a dreamy state of being, where all other workings of the mind have ceased and there is enhanced clarity and focus.
I see a young man with an expensive hairdo," recalled the misty-eyed OAP between sips of best mild in the Drum and Monkey's smoke-free snug, slowly easing back into a dreamy state.