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Asynchronous Replication: Asynchronous replication solutions are bringing scalable and cost-effective enterprise-level backup capability into the midrange market, helping enterprises to drastically reduce exposure to disasters and other data protection problems.
Steel prices are rising drastically and capriciously.
It is also possible to imagine a different scenario, in which the community hospital maintains its place as the center of health while drastically changing its shape and many of its functions, dropping types of care that are no longer needed while adding, for instance, genomic screening and lifelong health planning, health "coaching," widespread digital home self-care, hospice care, nutritional management and other longitudinal wellness programs.
Thompson emerged to greet a family that had changed drastically while he was gone: three daughters grown older, a son that he had never seen, and a wife who was living with another man.
A russian inventor and a detroit veteran claim their hybrid drive system can do the impossible: drastically cut emissions, improve performance, and increase fuel economy without adding significant cost or weight to a vehicle plus, they say, their "power amplified internal combustion engine" does so without resorting to exotic materials or unproven technology.
The Voyager diesel train is the first of a series of new deliveries that will drastically cut journey times on Virgin Rail's two routes - the West Coast main line, which serves Coventry, and CrossCountry.
The drug companies knew they could discount the drugs drastically for use in Africa, but they worried that a secondary market would develop, whereby people in Africa would buy the drugs cheaply and resell them at a mark-up in the West.
Does it make sense to drastically cut taxes that, once lowered, are difficult to raise?
Just one sad fact in this fact-packed book is that the growing popularity of 'the now ubiquitous sport utility vehicle', now half the cars on the US roads, has 'almost single-handedly' undermined the nation's efforts to achieve clean air goals, since they have drastically higher levels of emissions, less stringent emission standards than cars, and lower fuel economy.
For small businesses especially, the Internet has the potential to drastically increase market share and foster competition with large, well-financed corporations in a way that was previously impossible.
We know that communities within all regions of America differ drastically among themselves in how violent they are.