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But it's also easy to envision a more cosmic return from downscale chic--the subversion of America's snob tradition.
Indeed, Laughlin, as it endeavors to appeal to a downscale target audience, has its strengths:
And although ``Eternal'' is earning some rapturous early reviews, its complicated nature, tough emotional honesty and downscale setting do not make it look like a potential crowd-pleaser.
Think: An Australian combination of the British comedies ``Absolutely Fabulous'' and the significantly more downscale ``The Royale Family'' - swinging single mom Kath is dismayed when her dumpy daughter Kim moves back in after a disastrous, short-lived marriage.
Played with just the right mix of impulsiveness, desperation and obliviousness by newcomer Emily Grace, Alice can't stand her downscale life with her divorced, embarrassing mother.
Advanced features include on-chip deinterlacing support and video window detection, image expansion and reduction, upscale and downscale up to SXGA, and automatic detection of changes in incoming resolution and refresh rate.
Autograph-seekers still sought him out at his downscale San Fernando Valley haunts.
UPN's ``Half and Half'' is programmatic piffle about an upscale teen befriending one who's slightly downscale.
This being northern Atlantic Florida - and, therefore, its traditionally Dixie region - the island was initially segregated into downscale white Delrona Beach and an enclave called Lincoln Beach that was founded by well-to-do African-Americans.
The equally conniving Felix Carbury (Matthew Macfadyen) has his eyes set on Melmotte's mousy-voiced but determined daughter Marie (Shirley Henderson), even though he's simultaneously sleeping with the decidedly more downscale Ruby (Maxine Peake).