doubly labeled water

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doub·ly la·bel·ed wa·ter

(dŭb'lē lā'bĕld waw'tĕr)
Noncalorimetric technique for measuring energy expenditure in free-living subjects using an oral dose of water containingstable nonradioactive isotopes, 2H and 18O. Derived CO2 production is used to calculate energy expenditure using indirect calorimetry formulas.
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Some types of data sets are good only to serve as validation sets, for example, the doubly labeled water data set, where there is only one reading of total energy expenditure every two weeks.
As mentioned earlier, doubly labeled water is the most accurate method to estimate energy expenditure, but provides only one reading per 14 days.
Results of doubly labeled water studies are of paramount importance during the prerelease evaluation of the candidate models because they provide valuable feedback on how an algorithm would behave in free-living settings.
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