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Etymology: L, duplus
twice as much in strength, size, or amount.


(dŭb′l) [L. duplus, twofold]
Duplicate, or combining two qualities.


two of them.

double burst stimulation
a technique of nerve stimulation in which two short tetanic stimuli are applied and the response pattern used to monitor neuromuscular blockade during anesthesia.
double cervix
see double cervix.
double diffusion precipitin test
double fleece
2 years' growth of wool.
double gee
double muscling
see myofiber hyperplasia.
double pregnancy
double reciprocal plot
a graphical technique for analyzing drug antagonisms by plotting the effect against the dose. Called also Lineweaver-Burk plot.
double scalp
palpable thinning of the cranial bones in young sheep on inadequate diet.
double-stranded (ds)
nucleic acid occurring as a two-strand helix.

Patient discussion about double

Q. what is the cause for double vision

A. Double vision, or diplopia, as it's called, may be due to many conditions, including disorders of the muscles of the eye (extra-ocular muscles) and the nerves controlling them, disorders of the eye ball (enlarged eyeball as in Graves' ), and sometimes disorders of vision.

Diplopia may manifest important conditions, so consulting a doctor (e.g. neurologist or ophthalmologist) may be wise.

You may read more here:

Q. I have fibromyalgia and am having terrible vision problems...double, blurred, feel off blance.Is this common?

A. Blurry vision is not a usual symptom in fibromyalgia. If you are experiencing this on a permenant basis you should see a doctor- either a neurologist or an ophthalmologist to rule out other vision conditions that might be causing this.

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