double-strand break

dou·ble-·strand break

a break in double-stranded DNA in which both strands have been cleaved; however, the two strands have not separated.
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He presents an overview of various double-strand break (DSB) repair mechanisms, and discusses single-strand annealing, mitotic gene conversion, and break-induced replication.
This discovery demonstrated that in normal circumstances cells accurately distinguish telomeric ends from random double-strand break ends and protect the former from irregular end-joining reactions.
A synthetic lethal therapeutic approach: poly(ADP) ribose polymerase inhibitors for the treatment of cancers deficient in DNA double-strand break repair.
4 MHz) mobile phones on tumor suppressor TP53 binding protein 1 (53BP1) foci (a marker of DNA double-strand break repair activity) in human primary fibroblast and mesenchymal stem cells.
After a double-strand break, sirtuin rushes to the site to help knit the two parts of the chromosome back together.
A double-strand break is the most difficult kind of DNA damage to repair.
coli, one double-strand break is potentially lethal.
5] In BRCA-mutated tumor cells, homologous recombination is defective and DNA double-strand break repair is forced to occur via error-prone pathways, which can lead to genomic instability and cell death.
Among the topics are replication of the chromosome, dynamics of DNA double-strand break repair, cell division, the organization of transcription and translation, general and regulatory proteolysis, the cell wall, the genomics and cellular biology of endospore formation, and multicellularilty and social behavior.
In this new offering, Sigma has designed CompoZr ZFNs that will produce a knockout in each gene by inducing a double-strand break at a defined site within the gene's first three exons.
Polymorphisms in DNA double-strand break repair genes and skin cancer risk.