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n a hypnotic technique in which conflicting messages are communicated to the patient at the same time.
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Valente's reading of the Dubliners story "Counterparts" reinforces not only the double-bind, but the way that it passes from father to son on a crest of self-subverting violence.
So a strange mood has developed, something of a double-bind, where the architect and society both have misgivings about the iconic building but cannot help producing it, in ever greater numbers and in ever weirder forms.
Describing the tragic double-bind of "double-consciousness," Du Bois writes: "[We] simply [wish] to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American, without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without having the doors of opportunity closed roughly in his face.
Especially interesting in Storhoff's essay are analyses of psychological tensions caused by the double-bind initiated by parents in communication with their children.
Stephens marvelously teases out the double-bind witchcraft theorists found themselves in: aware that contact with demons was morally wrong, they nevertheless craved contact in order to reassure themselves that demons were real; insisting on the reality of demons, they also had to rigorously repress their own doubts.
By metacommunicating, a person steps outside the double-bind frame and describes the dilemma.
that is, statements that often confuse and frustrate organizational members because they create and sustain seemingly inescapable, lose-lose, double-bind situations" (pp.
How unhealthy this psychological double-bind must be.
19) In a double-bind situation, a family member sends two messages, one explicit message that is contradicted by a second, implied "metacommentary"--often expressed nonverbally, with a gesture or an inappropriate action.
10 In Reproducing Rape, Gregory Matoesian argues that a defense lawyer's cross-examination of a female rape victim often "creates a no-win, double-bind situation" (231):
Wallace seems to be aware of the maddening aspect of this sort of rhetorical double-bind, since one of his own characters boils it down to its essence: "By AA's own professed logic, everyone ought to be in AA.
The Boston Globe summarized well the box that President Clinton had put himself into: "Clinton is stuck in a dangerous political double-bind.