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They also showed these may coexist with other urovascular variations such as double renal veins, double ureter, persistence of foetal lobulations and genital arteries originating from accessory renal arteries.
Duplex system is defined as kidney with two pelvicalyceal system with single or double ureter or single renal parenchyma containing two pelvicalycealsystems.
Double Ureter and Duplex System A Cadaver and Radiological Study.
Ureteroscopy assisted retrograde nephrostomy (UARN) for an incomplete double ureter.
CT scan abdomen was done and found to have double moiety with double ureter bilaterally, lower part of left ureter was not visible and a defect in the left ureterovesical junctionwas noticed (Figure-1).
Duplex system can be described as the kidney with two pyelocaliceal systems, with either single ureter or bifid ureter (partial ureteral duplication) or double ureter draining separately into the urinary bladder (complete ureteral duplication).
The present report is a case of unilateral incomplete double ureter of the left side with no associated anomalies.
7) Sampath Madhystha, reported a rare case of quadruple renal arteries with three renal veins and one of the artery entered the substance of the right kidney anteriorly lateral to the hilum with double ureter.
Bilateral double ureters and accessory renal vessels in a Tanzanian male cadaver: a rare urinary system variation.
Among them there are found double ureters, obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction, noted more often in boys.
2] Duplicated collecting systems can be defined as a renal unit containing 2 pyelocalyceal systems associated with a single ureter or with double ureters.
Supernumerary kidney needs to be differentiated from the more commonly occurring duplex kidney, which is defined as having two pelvicalyceal systems that are associated with a single ureter or with double ureters.