Double Minutes

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Redundant doublet and tetrad fragments—minutes—of chromosomes that may be seen when normal cells are exposed to MTX, or which appear in malignant cells as localised DNA redundancies—homogenously staining regions (HSRs)—or as independent paired chromosomal fragments, seen in a quinacrine-stained chromosome preparation
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MYCN gene amplification is usually found in the form of double minutes by cytogenetics and has also been reported in medulloblastomas.
Wayne Rooney was United's hero with a superb double minutes after half time to give United a 2-0 lead.
Furthermore, Vodafone is offering customers signing up for the Leisure Tariff before 31 January `Leisure 250 Double Minutes,` under which customers receive 500 standard off-peak minutes every month until the end of December 2000, and a Local Call Saver option free until 31 December 2000.