double membrane

dou·ble mem·brane

two biomembrane layers, with an intermembranal space, surrounding certain organelles (for example, mitochondria) or structures.
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Total covered structure with double membrane made of translucent polyester fabric, PVC-coated, acrylic painted.
Some of the artworks that will be auctioned tonight include "Three Brothers" by Iranian Monir Farmanfarmaian, a mirror, reverse-glass painting and plaster on wood in aluminium frame, in three parts (estimated $70,000-100,000); installation art "Ikhtilej" by Tunisian Nja Mahdaoui, Indian ink on vellum and double membrane drums in 20 parts (est $300,000-400,000) and "A Political Map of the World" by Saudi artist Thaier Helal, mixed media on canvas (est $50,000-70,000).
This group of bacteria is classified as 'gram-negative' because their cells have a double membrane or outer layer, whereas gram-positive bacteria have only one outer layer.
And so the 120,000m3 of concrete poured so far, the intricately assembled steel segments - weighing between 30 to 70 tonnes each - which make up the museum's prominent dome, the double membrane of waterproofing painstakingly laid on the basement levels and the 10mn dedicated man hours so far, have not been in vain.
Some bacteria are classified as "gram-negative" because their cells have a double membrane, compared with "gram-positive" bacteria, which just have one outer layer.
The genetic machinery and structural organization of these two organisms merged to produce a new class of prokaryotes, called double membrane prokaryotes.
Abundant, round parasitic elements surrounded by a double membrane and containing a basophilie nucleus were found in tissues, as well as other anucleated, intracellular, and free parasites that formed chains of [greater than or equal to] 2 cells (online Appendix Figure, available from http://www.
The product allows efficient working because it dries fast and can be applied with all commonly used spraying equipment, such as double membrane pumps and cup guns.
The system's double membrane provides dry connections between system components, preventing leakage.
The system's double membrane prevents drug leakage and keeps the connections dry.
A unique double membrane system creates a full hermetic seal both before and after fill.
This elegant double membrane has resulted in an unexpected 20 per cent saving on energy use, an example of Arets' deductive tactics producing a smart, beneficial solution.