Double Dipping

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Research A popular term for the use of 2 or more grants or sources of funding for the same or similar research by the same groups of investigators

Vox populi Dipping a single foodstuff in a bowl of dip again after having taken a bite, resulting in the spread of germs
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The Minister valued the support provided by the UK to ensure the success of the political process in Yemen, pointing the Ministry's keenness to implement reforms and clear the public and military payroll from double dippers and ghost workers.
Shamsan said that the Ministry has prepared a plan to carry out the SHRM agreement based on a timetable to remove the ghost workers and double dippers from the payroll in accordance with the Peace and National Partnership Agreement.
They touched upon the measures taken by the Civil Service Ministry to complete footprint and photo system to eliminate all ghost workers and double dippers.
To make Double Dippers, dip fruit into melted chocolate chips, then drizzle with melted vanilla-flavored candy coating or sprinkle with crushed candies.
Another major new product is Del UK's Laughing Cow Cheez Double Dippers, joining Laughing Cow's existing Cheez Dipper brand.
He added that among the major steps taken by Yemen is the unification of diesel prices and the decision to create a new system to fight the double dippers in the public institutions.
A sassy, rapping sheep is the latest character to appear in a national TV campaign for snack brand The Laughing Cow, to launch new Cheez Double Dippers.