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He attributes the downfall of many early companies to a combination of two things--a lack of understanding of how different the insurance market is from other financial services, and the Internet hype and dot-com boom that led people to spend too much money on the wrong things.
Basically an extended version of the site, F'd Companies is a compendium of New Economy stupidity, an incredulous chronicle of some of the biggest dot-com failures.
But going forward, there may be less distinction between dot-com and bricks-and-mortar.
However, when a dot-com's funding disappears, the dot-com often desperately searches for a buyer of the business.
No matter if you choose dot-pro or dot-com, Eisen adds, "It's helpful for people to have a personal identity rather than merely an Internet provider's name in the address.
In addition to the collapse of the dot-coms, many established companies also have struggled in the past year -- companies such as Xerox and AT&T.
So far we have said that the dot-com leader is a believer, a listener, a focus for the company, a decision-maker, a promoter of the dot-com culture -- and that s/he works at an accelerated pace.
Other home building-related dot-com businesses, such as ChanneLinx.
Now they are clambering onto the dot-com bandwagon with the frenzy of an El Dorado mercenary.
According to the Dot-Com Layoff Tracker maintained by The Industry Standard (http://www.
A publishing company looking for capital to move into the dot-com area is going to have greater difficulty as a result of the Nasdaq decline.
brick-and-mortar) enterprise (Royal Ahold) "buying" e-infrastructure from a distressed dot-com (Peapod).