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The dot-com bubble was in large part due to a bunch of callow young men with dollar signs for eyeballs, whose greed and naivete effectively created and destroyed an entire industry in the span of less than five years.
The crash of the dot-coms gets the media ink, but some tech-based start-ups are surviving and thriving.
It is amazing how many dot-coms were started during the past few years with no apparent objective beyond "having an IPO and cashing out.
It is not enough to call them employees, because in the dot-com environment they often are shareholders, managers at a young age and partners in the vision.
Traditional valuations will rebound as the disparity between dot-com and traditional valuations evaporates.
The rest--the "pure play" dot-coms that bet on sufficient consumer interest in travel, pets or auctions, could very soon be knocking on portal doors begging to be let in--or bought out.
The climate shift means today's dot-com CEO has a vastly different job.
Speyer pointed that, despite the dot-com industry's seemingly "ravenous" appetite, Internet companies account for only a fraction of the leasing market.
As dot-com hysteria peaked, however, I noticed an increasing number of communiques devoted to less Mammon-centric feats.
The promise of untold riches--the proverbial pot of gold--is not what's drawing insurance company executives away from big corporations to found or lead small dot-com businesses.
So, rather than single out any one dot-com company or endeavor, we felt that the entire group as an industry needed to be recognized.