dose-response relationship

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dose-·re·sponse re·la·tion·ship

relationship in which a change in the amount, intensity, or duration of exposure is associated with a change in risk of a specified outcome.

dose-response relationship

a mathematic relationship between the dose of a drug or radiation and the body's reaction to it. In a linear dose-response relationship, the response is proportional to the dose. Thus, if the dose is doubled, the response is also doubled. In a linear nonthreshold relationship, any dose, regardless of size, can theoretically cause a response.

dose-re·sponse re·la·tion·ship

(dōs rē-spons' rē-lā'shŭn-ship)
Direct association between a stimulus and a desired outcome (e.g., quantity of physical activity and good health).
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A team of researchers based in France and Canada set out to investigate the relationship between the risk of Alzheimer's disease and exposure over a several years, as well as a potential dose-response relationship.
There is a strong dose-response relationship between percentage weight loss and improvement in knee pain, function, symptoms, sport or recreation, and quality of life," Dr.
Dose-response relationship was assessed by restricted cubic spline.
There was a significant dose-response relationship between increasing volunteerism prior to medical school and greater interest in practicing medicine among vulnerable populations.
There is a dose-response relationship between physical activity and cognitive development/academic achievement - the more the better," Wollongong University's Dr Stewart Vella said.
This study investigated the dose-response relationship between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development in French preschool children.
My hope was that those with a special interest in a particular risk factor would be stimulated to provide stronger data on either the exposure distribution or the dose-response relationship so that the calculations could be refined.
Investigators found evidence of a dose-response relationship between TZDs and fracture risk.
We found a significant dose-response relationship between interruptions and procedural failures and clinical errors in medication administration at both study hospitals,' said Professor Johanna Westbrook from the University of Sydney's Health Informatics Research and Evaluation Unit, who led the study.
There was no evidence of a dose-response relationship, because PTSD developed in 40% of patients given low doses of morphine, 40% of those given moderate doses, and 23% of those given high doses--all nonsignificant differences.
It appears to be a classic dose-response relationship," Caspi explains.
Analysis of efficacy in 42 patients with bone and soft tissue sarcoma showed a dose-response relationship between overall survival and Rexin-G which was highly significant.