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The 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) value was estimated from a dose response curve.
The concentration of methacholine provoking a 20% fall in FEV1, was calculated by linear interpolation of the log dose response curve.
In this edition of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Kim and colleagues use a different study design based on dose response curves and probit analysis, to study spinal block in patients undergoing total knee replacement arthroplasty (3).
2012) have also collected several hundred examples of nonmonotonic dose response curves (representing many classes of environmental chemicals) that have been observed in cultured cells, animals, and even human populations, Most important, they reviewed the voluminous endocrine literature on how and why nonlinear responses manifest at different levels of biological complexity, including the combination of competing monotonic responses (such as enhanced cell proliferation and cytotoxicity), the expression of cell-and tissue-specific cofactors and receptors, and receptor down-regulation, desensitization, and competition.
This reward recognizes the research I have conducted in the past few years aiming to understand, using computer simulations, the nature of many experimentally observed nonlinear, including non-monotonic, biological dose response curves in the low-dose region for a variety of chemicals," said Dr.
DF-48 makes it possible to receive multiple compound dose responses per chip and cell and allows for up to 12 full dose response curves per day.
Dose response curves were generated for 0 - 100 EU/mL endotoxin levels and the T2Endotoxin assay demonstrated a sensitivity of 0.