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directed toward or situated on the back surface, as opposed to ventral. See also posterior.


1. human anatomy denoting the back surface of the body. Often used to indicate the position of one structure relative to another, that is, nearer the back of the body. Synonym(s): dorsalis [TA], dorsal (2) , posticus
2. After, in relation to time or space.
3. veterinary anatomy limited to structures of the eye and ear. The word is otherwise ambiguous with respect to the anatomy of quadrupeds; caudal is preferred.
[L. comparative of posterus, following]


/dor·sa·lis/ (dor-sa´lis) [L.] dorsal.


[L.] dorsal.
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1,2 It is characterized by 2-10 mm keratotic palpable papules settled on the palmar and plantar region, lateral and dorsalis of fingers.
The left foot was warm with a good ultrasound signal for the Arteria tibialis posterior pulse but no signal for the Arteria dorsalis pedis.
Normally the flow in the distal tibialis posterior artery and dorsalis pedis artery is high-resistance triphasic flow (Fig.