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directed toward or situated on the back surface, as opposed to ventral. See also posterior.


1. human anatomy denoting the back surface of the body. Often used to indicate the position of one structure relative to another, that is, nearer the back of the body. Synonym(s): dorsalis [TA], dorsal (2) , posticus
2. After, in relation to time or space.
3. veterinary anatomy limited to structures of the eye and ear. The word is otherwise ambiguous with respect to the anatomy of quadrupeds; caudal is preferred.
[L. comparative of posterus, following]


/dor·sa·lis/ (dor-sa´lis) [L.] dorsal.


[L.] dorsal.
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of patients Percentage (%) beedis smoked <10 yrs 6 20% 10-20 yrs 12 40% 20-30 yrs 11 37% >30 yrs 1 3% Table 6: Peripheral arterial Pulses Arterial Pulsation Absent Weak Normal Dorsalis Pedis Artery 30 Anterior Tibial Artery 30 Posterior Tibial Artery 28 2 Popliteal Artery 20 8 2 Femoral Artery 3 27 Table 7: Extent of the disease No.
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At this meeting he noted that cerebellar pathology was associated with hypermetria and ataxia, which are not aggravated by eye closure, contrary to that which was found in tabes dorsalis.
Posterior tibialis and dorsalis pedis pulses should be examined along with distal sensation.
Vascular assessment using ankle brachial pressure index testing should be performed to check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in two groups of patients: those who are symptomatic (claudication, rest pain, or nonhealing ulcer) and those who have absent posterior tibial or dorsalis pedis pulses (Diabetes Care 2008;31:1679-85).
Pulses were absent over both posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis arteries.
The southern painted turtle, Chrysemys dorsalis (Agassiz 1857) is a medium-sized emydid turtle that ranges from western Tennessee south through Alabama and Mississippi and westward to eastern Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas (Ernst 1971; Iverson 1992; Conant & Collins 1998; Dixon 2002; Trauth et al.
A 20G cannula was placed in the dorsalis pedis artery for continuous invasive blood pressure monitoring.
On the relation of the chorda dorsalis to the anlage of the pharyngeal bursa or the median pharyngeal recess.
Tabes dorsalis and general paresis also may be later manifestations.
This was the case for species such as Cricetomys gambianus, Anomalurus derbianus, Atherurus africanus and Dendrohyrax dorsalis, which were either sighted or heard in several instances but were recorded only once.