dorsal surface

dor·sal sur·face

the dorsal surface of a structure (for example, sacrum, fingers, or toes).
Synonym(s): facies dorsalis [TA]
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Forewing: Dorsal surface brown with a light brown greyish postdiscal band (approx.
On day 18, the wound vac was removed, but the dorsal surface of the graft was not adherent.
Opercular pad elliptical, ~80% as wide as dorsal surface of foot; attachment with operculum occupying ~ 70% of its area (Fig.
The geographic tongue is a benign disorder involving dorsal surface of the tongue which emerges as depapillated areas with leading and folded edges in yellowish or grayish white color and sometimes with unclear borders.
The braces are made from steel wire or plastic bands; the wire is applied over the dorsal surface of the nail and curved under its lateral edges (Figure) (3).
The implant provides dorsal surface coverage to help prevent osteophyte formation, maintaining the mobility of the toe joint after being restored.
henryz), diffuse shoulder marking, numerous dark spots on dorsal surface of head, and pair of closely spaced dark post-cephalic ocelli surrounded by white halo (H.
Pore scales are arranged in rows, forming dorsomedian, dorsolateral and supraorbital canals on the dorsal surface of the head, and ventrolateral canals on the ventral surface; short commissures were distributed between the canals (Marss 1979).
The individual branch inserts on the dorsal surface of each phalanx of the corresponding toe.
Instead, lay the fish lengthwise along the deck and push its dorsal surface up against the gunnel.
A 56 years old female presented with swelling on the dorsal surface of tongue.

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