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In our study, the 2 best techniques (end-to-end anastomosis and BMG dorsal onlay of urethroplasty) were considered.
lower dorsal granules from the occipital scales to the first row of caudal scales , dorsal granules between the paravertebral stripes at midbody [no count], interlabial scales [no count]).
Additionally to the above the genus Papiliolebias is characterized by: urohyal, dorsal process branched (also in some species of Pituna); third epibranchial, uncinate process, forming an angle of 45-60[degrees] with distal process (also in rivulines but not in plesiolebi-asines); posttemporal, ventral process present; opercular region with regular reticulate pattern formed by iridescent colour on middle of scales contrasting with dark orangish brown pigment along entire scale margins (also in Pituna); and humeral region with iridescent blotch (also in Pituna) (Costa 2011).
Usually, agenesis of the dorsal mesentery is associated with a high jejunal atresia owing to the vascular ischaemic aetiology of such agenesis.
Previous research has mostly linked the dorsal neostriatum to movement.
He was brought emergently to the operating room where decompression of the dorsal compartment of the forearm was carried out.
According to the some literature reported that the artery of the penis divided into three branches, the artery of the bulb of the penis, the deep artery of the penis, and the dorsal artery of the penis.
In this patient, CT showed agenesis of the dorsal pancreas (Figures 2, 3 and 4).
However, when counting the dorsal rays and noticing the coloration of the anal and pelvic fins (yellow), questions arise.