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1. Not awake; asleep: "[He] lay dormant on the scruffy couch, his mouth open, reading glasses slumped on his swollen nostrils" (Steven Heighton).
2. Present but not active or manifest though capable of becoming so: "a harrowing experience which ... lay dormant but still menacing" (Charles Jackson).
3. Temporarily inactive: a dormant volcano.
4. Being in a condition of biological rest or inactivity characterized by cessation of growth or development and the suspension of many metabolic processes: a dormant bud; a dormant bacterium.

dor′man·cy n.


Temporary inactivity; e.g., a state of transiently reduced metabolic activity.
dormant, adjective
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Halifax have registered all their dormant accounts with the UK's Unclaimed Assets register, as well as taking out press adverts alerting people to the issue and telling them how to reclaim their cash.
The Association offers a free dormant account scheme, which should be able to track down any money you have lost.
Summary: Savings accounts and current accounts are treated as dormant if there are no transactions for over two years.
VOLUNTARY sector and community groups are waiting for a windfall of more than PS3million from dormant bank accounts.
Now plans have been submitted to Gwynedd Council to move the existing temporary washing and toilet facilities and to provide new facilities within the dormant building of the previously used maritime museum.
The black hole is believed to have been dormant within the last decade.
They left my account dormant, which was supposed to enter a monthly draw, without even informing me, and as it's saving I left it for a couple of years.
Washington, January 31 ( ANI ): The Idu-Mishmi community of Arunachal Pradesh and RIWATCH (Research Institute of World's Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage) have made a great contribution in studying dormant Mycobacterium in TB that has affected nearly 4 billion people in the world and causing 1.
the industry leader in enterprise data security products, today announced vZip (TM), a software application that secures and reduces sensitive data within dormant virtual machines.
A dormant reservoir of stem cells is present inside every muscle, ready to be activated by exercise and injury to repair any damage.
31 article stating O'Dell stole from two dormant accounts her client Tom Terminella had at the bank and for which she did not have signatory authority.
Roger Hay, secretary of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, said frosts helped to harden up Christmas trees and placed then in a dormant state.