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At a staff party she made an advance towards me but then told everyone that Dopey had made a pass at her.
The actor, dopey Tony in the hit BBC1 sitcom, will appear in Acorn Antiques: The Musical with the stars of the TV version, Julie Walters and Celia Imrie.
A DOPEY racing pigeon that flew 500 miles out to sea was rescued by the QE2 liner.
A DOPEY drug courier who dozed off after sampling heroin he was transporting has been jailed for five years.
There's plenty of blood and gore, but the real Hitchcock would not be impressed by this dopey, slow-paced film.
Season five's first four episodes open with myriad other subplots as well, some ominous (Tony must negotiate a rival family's own internal violent conflict), some dopey (Carmela starts a film-appreciation society where conversations devolve into idle gossip).
But instead of Posh, Sporty, Baby, Scary and Ginger, the girls have christened themselves Pouty, Paddy, Caspar, Dimples and, er, Dopey.
something they failed to do last time out because someone was Dopey enough to miss a penalty.
It boasts the most surreal reality show to date - and, given the nature of reality programming these days, that's saying something - as well as a computer-animated series that couches its genuine cleverness in some conventionally dopey scripting.
I'd be more worried if someone compared me to Pinocchio, Dumbo or Dopey and I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who wouldn't argue .
A dopey drugs courier called at a house as police were searching it.
And then you have a character like Sonic - still fun, still with the trademark speed, still with the dopey music - who can still manage to turn on the fun every once in a while.