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Imaging adjective Referring to a targetoid lesion or radiodensity in which the central and peripheral fields are relatively more radiodense or darker that the middle field
noun The targetoid lesion or radiodensity itself
Surgery A sleeve of tissue excised after a major gastrointestinal tract resection, often of the distal colon, when a cancer extends close to the margin of the original segment
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Today, Edwards donuts are sold daily to an airline that distributes them in its terminal waiting area along with complementary cups of coffee.
PHOTO : Robin's Donuts will help new franchisees learn the ropes during a three-week initial training at this new training facility in Thunder Bay.
Ronnie's Famous Hot Donuts franchise and many other Francorp Clients at http://www.
Everyone who shows an employee that they "Check in" at Donut Maker on Facebook during the event or Tweets @donut_maker will get a coupon for a free donut good at a future visit.
PHILADELPHIA -- Dunkin' Donuts Greater Philadelphia is awarding a sweet Valentine's Day delivery for one lucky Valentine in the region.
We hope our free donut offer will create an opportunity for people to celebrate donuts and bring some extra happiness to their day", said Dunkin' Donuts' Brand Marketing Officer Frances Allen.
Coupon for $1 off a box of Dunkin' K-Cup pods available through the Dunkin' Donuts Mobile App
We're pleased to offer our guests in the UK our special Smiley Santa Donut just in time for the holiday season," said Jeff Miller, Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation at Dunkin' Brands.
National Donut Day is tradition started more than 7 decades ago by the Chicago Salvation Army and is held on the first Friday of June each year.
One daughter, Lexie Lee, operates J's Donut Shop in Moorpark.
Dunkin' Donuts brings Pumpkin Peeks to select Dunkin' Donuts restaurants, offering guests first chance to enjoy fall's favorite flavor with free pumpkin coffee
Specifically, their Donut Runner service delivers still-warm-from-the- oven doughnuts of the Krispy Kreme variety to Santa Clarita Valley residents and businesses, to save customers the 45-minute round trip to the closest franchise, a newly opened Krispy Kreme in Van Nuys.