donor tissue

donor tissue,

n the tissue contributed by a donor to be used in tissue or organ transplant.
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Vision improved in six of the ten patients, and after contact lens fitting, vision was comparable to conventional corneal transplantation with human donor tissue.
We will continue to develop this technology, which is designed to enable long-term acceptance of transplanted cells, tissues and organs by re-educating the patient's immune system to recognize donor tissue as self.
A section on eye banking is also presented, including discussions of eye bank precut versus surgeon-dissected donor tissue.
Alyson Bachman , tissue and bone recipient, Lone Tree, CO: Alyson underwent multiple surgeries for severe hip pain but a final surgery utilizing donor tissue ultimately allowed her to walk pain free.
The results of this preclinical study, said Enzo, demonstrate that Enzo's immune enhancement regulation technology could be effective in negating the effects of GvHD by enhancing the anti-inflammatory immune response mounted by the donor tissue or cells.
Cells are taken from donor tissue and through a tiny tube are fused on to the liver.
bank in that it focuses exclusively on MS donor tissue (and healthy tissue), not material from people with other diseases.
Mike, a natural athlete, was a tissue recipient himself, having received donor tissue after tearing his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) while playing basketball.
In most cases, surgeons can use the player's own tissue to repair injuries, but Palmer suffered more serious damage and required donor tissue.
Objective: The current ageing population is faced with an ever increasing shortage of donor tissue for the repair or replacement of damaged tissues.
html) no donor tissue was used in the transplant, the chances of the new trachea being rejected by her immune system are slim.
This 3-D modelling helps us customize the procedure to the patient's individual anatomy so that the donor tissue will fit like a puzzle piece onto the patient's face," he said.