donor site

donor site,

n the portion of the body from which an organ or tissue is removed for transplant or grafting.
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These defects involve a significant loss of tissue, and often require surgical reconstruction where tissue is lifted from the patient~s donor site and moved to his injured site with an intact blood supply (autologous muscle free flap).
This prospective, randomized, controlled trial compared the effects of Noncontact, Low-Frequency Ultrasound (MIST Therapy) plus standard care (SC) to standard care alone in subjects with split thickness donor sites (median donor site area 136.
Firstly, hair follicles in the donor site were destroyed using a radiosurgical knife 2 months before the operation.
Explaining the procedure, Dr Rezai told Gulf News: "Perforator flaps such as the DIEP flap are "free" flaps consisting of skin, fatty tissue and tiny blood vessels which are micro-surgically removed from the donor site and transferred to the chest for reconstruction of the new breast.
A very thin slice of skin is shaved off the donor site.
The most common skin donor site is the anteromedial aspect of the ipsilateral arm (figure 1).
The drawbacks are the harvest time, donor site morbidity, graft resorption, modeling changes, and harvest volume limitations (1).
Implants are best used for thin women with smaller breasts who are in need of a bilateral reconstruction in order to improve symmetry and avoid the need for a donor site.
Some factors the treating surgeon must consider prior to bone graft surgery include choice of donor site and potential donor site morbidity, previous surgical interventions, and the presence of patient comorbid conditions that may affect the procedure.
The most common tumescent technique is the subdermal or subeschar infiltration of the burn wound debridement site as well as skin graft donor site with a solution formula of 1 mg (1:1 000) adrenaline added to 1 litre of saline.
Variants of the procedure are described, utilising part of the muscle as a mini-flap and myosubcutaneous flaps to minimise donor site morbidity and scarring.