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Alfred, French physician, 1801-1878. See: Donné corpuscle.
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Meanwhile, Donna gets more than she bargained for when she finds Les in Claudette's living room.
At Donna Mondi Interior Design, our approach is to infuse interiors with elements of different periods and styles to create timeless and unpredictable surroundings," said Hall.
He said: "Whilst the recent appeal has certainly caused a flurry of conversations around Donna's disappearance, we are still waiting to hear direct from members of the public as there are people out there who must be sitting on information that could help us to uncover the truth behind what happened to Donna and I would urge them to speak directly to us about what they know.
It's the last thing either of them expected and Donna firmly tells Marlon this one-off must not, under any circumstances, cloud his relationship with Laurel.
It took two years for doctors to diagnose Donna with hypothyroidism.
For Further information please contact: Donna Eade Owner Donna Eade Photography Tel: +44-(0)7958-143238 Email: donna@designandeditphotography.
Because of their excellent melting characteristics, Prima Donna cheeses also shine in hot dishes.
Donna and James have enjoyed double dates with Pippa and her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson, 35, at his plush flat in London's Kensington.
Last month Donna took James to New York socialite Heather Kerzner's birthday party in Mayfair.
This facility was a perfect fit for Donna Karan's needs," said Tom Carragher.
Donna tips the scales at 600lb - 43stone - and she hopes to break the 1000lb or half-a-ton mark in two years.