Domino Theory

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A hypothetical explanation of cell duplication that holds that the daughter of a somatic division is the result of a series of linear metabolic pathways in which the initiation of a new pathway hinges on completion of a previous pathway
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As negotiator for faculty in the great tenure wars, the AAUP aggressively presents faculty rationales for tenure, including the academic freedom rationale and the domino theory argument against any erosion of tenure protections (Sanchez 1996).
Whether or not you believe in the domino theory as it affects foreign policy or national security, the theory applies in our practice of taking discovery depositions.
The Lamentations, however, is of a special type that came into its own with the outbreak of the Thirty Years War, focusing, as said, on the domino theory.
We see in the Vietnam conflict, how the domino theory related to internationalist perceptions and how a nationalist perception led to thoughts of the Titoist option.
Davutoglu's domino theory deserves careful attention from Barack Obama's team as it thinks about Middle East strategy.
The domino theory takes over when the head of the chain, the house owner in this case, defaults on repayments; thousands did in the US when oil hit $100 a barrel and unemployment went up from four to five per cent.
I joined the guard for two reasons: First, I did not want to murder innocent Vietnamese civilians and justify it with a bogus domino theory, even though I was told I would be "winning the minds and hearts" of the people by killing men, women and children.
In support, he explores how engaging the North Vietnamese brought America face to face with conflicting ideologies of containment, anticolonialism, the Domino Theory, and international credibility.
There's a whole domino theory when you kill someone.
As one example, in writing my essay (1994) on the subject almost a decade ago, I remember being surprised at finding that Eisenhower expressed what I then considered an early belief in the domino theory, two years before assuming the presidency.
At that time American politicians believed in the domino theory and that if South Vietnam fell to the communists, the whole of south east Asia would follow.