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In the study of Darrah and Hallauer (1972), the additive by additive and dominance by dominance effects for yield components (ear length, ear diameter and number of kernels per row) were >plant height and ear height.
In terms of the theoretical studies of stochastic dominance, (McFadden, 1989) tested the stochastic dominance relation of independent samples with Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) method based on the independent identical distribution.
This is highlighted by the following statement which Portal and Romano make very prominently at the end of their 1998 article: (6) 'Warning: This information (about success in sport associated with uncrossed and crossed dominance patterns) may be useful in career guidance but does not justify or medically indicate attempts to alter ocular sighting dominance or eye/hand dominance patterns as these are probably genetically determined or at such an early age that they cannot be successfully altered later.
1994) found that social dominance orientation is related to a number of factors such as political-economic conservatism, sexism, racism, and cultural elitism (p.
This sudden change in agonistic behavior signifies the formation of the dominance relationship, and identifies the newly emerged subordinate and dominant (Herberholz et al.
RESULTS & OBSERVATIONS: In our study right coronary artery dominance was seen in most of the cases irrespective of age and sex with slightly more prevalence in males.
Some shooting coaches, especially those in shotgun sports, believe strong eye dominance is primarily a factor with adult males.
In mice, there is no dependency between the clonal dominance of mural mutant intestine stem cells and the mice's age.
The Navy's Information Dominance Corps (IDC) requires a dedicated TYCOM that integrates and balances representation from each of the constituent Navy IDC components," said Rear Adm.
In the latter case, the ravens reacted strongly with information seeking and stress-related behaviors, such as head turns and body shakes, suggesting that their expectations about how the dominance relations among others should look like were violated.
The question is, is the dominance of one party a bad thing?