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The relative organization of the 37 genes and control regions comprising the mitogenomes of the sHL, AL, and SD breeds was identical with that of other domestic sheep breeds (Hiendleder et al.
ODFW Klamath Falls district biologist Tom Collom said the ram was too close to domestic sheep to let him return to the wild herd and risk infecting other animals.
Domestic sheep provide a wide range of raw materials.
Prevalence and associated determinants of insects infesting domestic sheep of district T.
Also, the prices of merinos sheep, domestic sheep, angora goats and ordinary goats increased respectively 15.
In coming to their conclusions, the scientists examined the presence of a particular group of retroviruses within the DNA of 1,362 sheep from 133 different breeds of domestic sheep and their closest wild relatives.
Priority transplant sites were selected based on potential contact with domestic sheep and goats and free ranging aoudads (Ammotragus lervia), amount and juxtaposition of escape terrain, and water availability.
Meloy's book is a nice counterpoint to Tutira because she is documenting what is left of the wild, what is left for wild sheep, while Guthrie-Smith documents what happens to wild land when domestic sheep graze on it.
They are probably the oldest breed of domestic sheep on earth, being quite literally descended from the biblical sheep of Jacob in the Bible (Genesis 30).
Genetic studies of modern domestic sheep have revealed a pattern similar to that of goats, with three to four ancient lineages, Zeder notes.
Both orf virus infection and naturally acquired anthrax in humans can result from exposure to domestic sheep and goats; thus, exposure history alone (i.
After about a century without any significant number of large carnivores, it has become common practice to graze domestic sheep on unenclosed forest and mountain pastures without shepherding in summer (Mysterud et al.