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, pl.


(stā'dē-ŭm, -dē-ă),
Obsolete term for a stage in the course of a disease, especially of an acute pyretic disease.
[L. fr. G. stadion, a fixed standard length]


/sta·di·um/ (sta´de-um) pl. sta´dia   [L.] stage.
stadium decremen´ti  the period of decrease of severity in a disease; the defervescence of fever.
stadium incremen´ti  the period of increase in the intensity of a disease; the stage of development of fever.


[stā′dē·əm] pl. stadia
Etymology: Gk, stadion, racetrack
a significant stage in a fever or illness, such as the fastigium of a febrile illness or the prodromal stage of a viral infection.


(sta'de-um) [Gr. stadion, alteration]
A stage or period in the progress of a disease. See: fastigium

stadium sudoris

The sweating stage of a paroxysm of malaria.
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Perks there include a 17,000-seat domed stadium and a trip to play Northern Colorado at Mile High Stadium in Denver.
Sturner said a domed stadium would be "an incredible boost to New York City and an incredible boost for the West Side.
Thomson accepted the city's offer for naming rights ten years ago, in a revenue generating move that insured a high-profile name for the domed stadium while providing the final element of funding for Victory Field (home of the Indianapolis Indians minor league baseball team and located one block from Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome.
the plaintiff, a promoter, donated and to the defendant for a domed stadium in exchange for a right to manage the facility.
New ownership is meeting resistance in attempts for a domed stadium and it would still be years away if the measure was approved.
The ballpark's chillers that previously were used to cool the domed stadium now also will help cool downtown business and residential buildings as part of this network.
FYI: That new domed stadium out near the Grand Canyon is known to locals as BOB.
The steam furnishes the thermal requirements of several medical facilities and a domed stadium on the campus through a contract extending through 2032.
The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is the world's largest domed stadium, accommodating up to 111,000 people.
He wanted to build a domed stadium at the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenue, but they couldn't get it done.
During the 2009 season, the Rays plan to keep using an orange scent in the Tropicana Field rotunda and are looking at adding other scents throughout the domed stadium -- a cotton candy scent in the carnival area and a bubble gum scent in the Topps "make your own" baseball card alcove.