Dogwood Tree

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A deciduous shrub native to eastern Asia, the fruit of which is astringent, diaphoretic, tonic, nutrient, hemostatic, and may also be antihypertensive and diuretic
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This is the first record we were able to find in the southeastern United States, but we were able to correlate the find with folklore dating back to the United States Civil War and the locally abundant dogwood tree (Cornus florida).
Dogwood trees frequently bloom at Eastertime, and the branches are sometimes used in flower arrangements.
But an old favorite, the dogwood tree, has also benefited from the sleuthing of SBML.
Until last Sunday, nearly 15 years had passed since I had seen a dogwood tree.
He has also planted bushes and trees in the front yard of the Luse House, and the one he is most proud of is a pink flowering dogwood tree planted in memory of his wife, Doris," explains activity director Shirley Harris.
He figures he has about 200 square feet, which includes a small grassed area with a dying dogwood tree in the middle and raised beds around it and the edge of his lawn--on cement.
I have checked several references, and find that the earliest age at which you can expect flowers on a dogwood tree (Cornus florida) is usually about 6 years.
Photo: Veronica Rhoads takes a closer look at an artificial dogwood tree at Second Nature in Burbank, open to the public only on the first Saturday of the month.
And a lone dogwood tree seemingly shivers along the south bank.
Brother to our native dogwood tree, Cornus mas covers every branch and twig with small yellow flowers.
Auction items include a private tour of Channel 7 news anchor Randy Price's garden in Maine; a garden consultation from Tower Hill executive director John Trexler; and a large dogwood tree with planting included.
The spreading village dogwood tree was planted in the first half of the last century by Estes J.