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A follower of the dogmatic school.
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There is a connection and that fact cannot be argued, but one must ask oneself if HIV is always the only cause of AIDS, as the dogmatists believe.
Thus Pascal conceives the idea of a "letter to induce men to seek God," where men should look for God "among the philosophers, sceptics and dogmatists, who will worry the man who seeks" (4/184).
To the extent that I embraced my model, I seemed destined to become a recluse or an eccentric or a dogmatist.
His critical task is to resolve these conflicts in a way that both satisfies our reason completely yet does not transcend the limits of experience, and thus to show a "third way" between the sceptical/empiricist and dogmatist approaches.
I will tell you about how a real situation inspired me to write "One's Own Corner": I happened to observe quite closely the relationship between a spirited, emotional young woman and her father, a bore and a dogmatist.
Only the dogmatist requires dogmatic certainty No one else will miss it.
I try not to be a dogmatist on health matters because I've done the biblical "three-score-years-and-10", and at a personal level have mixed feelings about extreme old age - the media romanticise it.
Falcon, you should know without your being told, That ornament, like armament, is cold And barely sensible When deaf to that one word That fashioned you, as Insolence has man's wrist-- "Audacity"--Am I a dogmatist, Incomprehensible And worthless to be heard?
Chapter 2 discusses the outlook of Pyrrho, the supposed original skeptic; Pyrrho is presented as an epistemological pessimist, and therefore, in Sextus's terms, a negative dogmatist rather than a skeptic.
Although I have singled out for praise some of the more rebarbative intellectual moves of her book, Bramen is no dogmatist, and her prose reflects this.
He understood that his heroine was greatly reviled by almost everyone as an uncompromising Stalinist, a dogmatist, a person responsible for the purges, and an enemy of the peasants.
The way one deals with other opinions depends on whether one is a dogmatist with orthodox pretensions, or not.