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A theory or belief that is formally stated, defined, and thought to be true.
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Fortunately, Dragon's Dogma is a good enough game that beating the monsters remains a challenge rather than a frustrating exercise in futility.
As the original Digital Dogma grew, Walsh and Mulcahey upgraded their equipment.
The Catholic church's hierarchy, I'm sad to say, appears committed to a headlong descent into a brittle, fundamentalist dogmatism--that's dogma without expansion joints.
The volume critically examines internal Catholic dialogue on how Ut unum sint and Vatican II stood in continuity with the 1870 dogma (Vatican I).
Who will save us now that the Dogma has ceased to exist?
This is a timely reminder to the Orthodox to pose questions to (but not to question) their living faith, the truth they claim and the dogma they guard.
Dogmas by definition are considered to be infallible, free of error, and central to the faith, and so must be believed by all Catholics.
In addition, all poetry entered will be considered for the Dogma Publications Poetry Competition 2005, which has a number of cash prizes available.
Retired politicians, when no longer constrained by 'on message' necessities, will invariably wax lyrical with greater insight and conviction than those poor souls who are bound by considerations of dogma, party machines or sadly too often plain dyslexia.
Never mind that, among the world's one billion Islamic believers, the vast majority of clerics and lay Muslims renounce the politicized brand of Islamist dogma that extremists seek to inflict on Muslim and non-Muslim populations alike.
judges this last phenomenon to be all for the good, for in popular culture we encounter beliefs and values freed from what he calls paternalistic religious doctrine and dogma.
On August 14 and 15, 2004, Pope John Paul visited the pilgrims' shrine of Lourdes, France, not to obtain healing for his illnesses, but to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception declared so by Blessed Pius IX in 1854.