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n-C12H26; a straight, unbranched, saturated hydrocarbon containing 12 carbon atoms; the 12th member of the alkane series that begins with methane.
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Khalifa, Professor of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY: In the small-scale test of dodecane, the model overpredicts the concentration vs.
We report here the use of alkanes (hexane, decane, dodecane, and hexadecane), cyclic alkanes (cyclohexane and cyclodecane), and two terpenes (limonene and eugenol).
12]-labeled PCB and dioxin recovery standards (added at the beginning of the procedure) and internal standards (added at the end of the procedure) in dodecane were incorporated when subsequent gas chromatography--mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis was carried our on whole milk-fat extracts but were excluded when extracts were generated for subsequent [sup.
The solvent for the recovery standard was n-hexane containing 10% and 2% by volume of nonane and dodecane, respectively.
Russell and coworkers have shown that the graft modification of dodecane with MAn has a reaction order with respect to monomer that is intermediate between zero and one (29).
In a paper presented in 1995 at a scientific symposium in New Jersey, company officials from Scientific Instrument Services reported that they found more than 100 VOCs, such as dodecane, styrene, and phenol, in a new 1995 Lincoln Continental.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Dodecane D26, 98 Atom Percent D
Waterproof mascara contains a paraffin derivative called dodecane that repels moisture and can only be removed with a solvent.
Dodecane was added to the rinse solution in order to establish an instrument signal response relative to detected impurity response.