doctrine of signatures

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doctrine of signatures

A posit proposed by M Maury that the shape, appearance and scent of a particular flower provides information on its particular use.
Herbal medicine
A belief held in the pre-scientific era that the shape and colour of a particular plant provided information on its best uses.

doctrine of signatures,

n a principle that assigns healing properties to plants on the basis of the association between their physical characteristics and those of the disease or the affected part of the body.
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The Doctrine of Signatures was the medieval practice where plants were used to treat ailments of the organs they resemble and celandines were used as a cure for piles - a sort of pre-homeopathy.
She will host Matthew Wood as he explores Traditional Western Herbalism through Plant Energetics and the Doctrine of Signatures during a weekend workshop June 24th and 25th.
We find in the Doctrine of Signatures that if a plant resembles a part of the body or body fluid, it will tend to be beneficial to that area.

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