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The ZigBee is used to communicate with the docking station and serves as a mobile WSN gateway.
The technical aspects of the desired Docking Stations and superstructures are described in the specification of requirements with records such as 3D drawings, wiring diagrams and parts list.
The Dell D5000 Wireless Docking Station provides HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity for dual monitors via DisplayLink's DL-3900, corporate LAN connectivity, audio and USB ports for peripheral expansion.
Userful is offering all existing DisplayLink technology-enabled USB docking station customers a free two-user version of the MultiSeat Linux 2011 software.
The Goodrich laptop docking station EFB system is designed specifically for an aerospace environment and includes two sunlight-readable, high-resolution, touch-screen displays, two laptop docking stations and an installation kit.
The Portege M200/205 offers exciting new options including a docking station that will provide new usage scenarios and increased applications for everyday mobile computing.
You can remove the keyboard to travel even more lightly, or add a docking station to your desk if you want to spread out and add peripherals.
Housed in the docking station is a convenient internal RS-232 communication support for automatic download of stored dose, survey, and sample data to PC IdentiVIEW software.
This mobile docking station allowed documentation to be printed out at any time and was sent to each of our divisions on a rotating schedule to ensure that all detectors were calibrated on a regular basis.
Favorite desktop toy "I have two: my Palm V and my laptop docking station.
Instead, the laptop can be conveniently plugged into a small desktop component, called a docking station, that connects the laptop to the office network.
0 universal docking station by Acer is powered by DisplayLink's latest SuperSpeed[TM] USB3.