do not resuscitate

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do not resuscitate (DNR)

a legal directive indicating that the patient should not receive CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest. See no code.

do not resuscitate

See DNR.

do not resuscitate



An order stating that a patient should not be revived. It may be written by a physician at the patient's request. If the patient is not competent or is unable to make such a decision, the family, legal guardian, or health care proxy may request and give consent for such an order to be written on the patient's chart and followed by the health care providers. The hospital or physician should have policies regarding time limits and reordering.
See: allow natural death; do not attempt resuscitation
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The Court of Queens Bench held that the Act allowed the Court to authorize negative as well as positive treatment plans and after reviewing the evidence held that directing the Do Not Resuscitate Order was in the best interests of the infant.
Sawatzkys physician issued a Do Not Resuscitate Order without providing notice to Mrs.
Specifically, the MLPD wished to determine whether the imposition of a Do Not Resuscitate Order issued without the consent of the patient deprives patients of their s.
In granting the interim injunction to prevent the issuance of a Do Not Resuscitate Order the Court considered factors including the following: