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This "hands-off process is known as "framework planning" (Rahmenplanung) (Bruckenberger 2006: 86-91; DKG 2008).
2], a peroxidative pathway of AA leading to formation of molecules-136 and -208 competes with its classic degradation to DKG.
We used DKG to monitor the classic oxidation of AA and used molecule-136 and its parent, molecule-208 (14), to monitor the peroxidation of AA.
In the presence of riboflavin and light, DKG formation was accelerated but reached a plateau after 3 h.
DKG generation was not affected by the presence of bisulfite.
The effect of peroxide on the formation of DKG differed.
Because hydrolysis of the DHA lactam ring leads to DKG production (Fig.
3-5 support the fact that molecule-136 derives from molecule208 (14) rather than from DKG.
The DKG (nominally 33 to 826kW) has from one to five fans arranged in a single bank of from four to 12 fans in a double bank, whilst the space-saving DV (nominally 177 to 1034kW) has from two to five fans in a single row, in addition to double rows from four to 12.
Fully weatherproofed and modular in design, both the DKG and DVG ranges feature two-speed motors with internal protection, making them suitable for variable speed control.