divine breath

divine breath (di·vīnˑ brethˑ),

n in Native American Medicine, the manifestation of the divine spirit in all living beings. Also called
life breath, ni, and
References in classic literature ?
It was also the difference between living tissue of glowing loveliness with a divine breath, and a hard hollow figure of baked clay.
It was widely believed that the world was 6,000 years old (an error equivalent to believing that the distance from Britain to Iraq is shorter than a football pitch) and that the first members of our species were fashioned out of dirt and divine breath in a garden by the hand of an invisible God.
Because human life originated with the union of divine breath and earthly substance, human life could not be defined without both.
This fifth volume of the series concludes with a section of the Zohar called 'Sifra di-Tsni'uta' (The Book of Concealment), which provides a descriptive commentary on God's body, the relationship between male and female energies, and divine breath animating all life.
By linking life in the body to divine breath Paul aligns himself with a long biblical tradition that begins in Genesis.
The breath in such cases is that of a happy inspiration, the "correspondent breeze" that operates so frequently in Romantic poetry as a secular equivalent of the divine breath or spirit.
I have learned that there is beauty in everything, for the divine breath moves through all things equally.
He identifies the decline of Jewish prophecy with the canonization of the Tanakh, yet recognizes that by reading and performing the words and implications of Talmud Torah that we look not only to initiate a multi-faceted relationship with the Divine, but that in the act of reading, of sounding out language--transforming materiality, history, and desire into a living breath--we also seek and bear witness to the past existence and future hope for ruach, the Divine breath.
This then introduces the ney solo, a mournful instrumental improvisation, taksim, that conveys the yearning for the union with God as well as the first breath which gives life to everything: the Divine Breath.
Rather, "with the force of a divine breath he bringeth things forth far surpassing .
When the divine breath animated Adam, the first movement of the first man was the first dance pose.
We know well that the remedy for sin is conversion, and the conversion this sin demands is that we remember what we are: earth people, clay vessels made alive by divine breath.