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1. To separate or become separated into parts, sections, groups, or branches.
2. To sector into units of measurement; graduate.
3. To separate and group according to kind; classify.
4. To branch out, as a blood vessel.
5. To undergo cell division.

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Q. How does the time of high and low usually divide in bipolar? How long are the high times supposed to last and should the low times last more or less the same? how much time is there usually in between?

A. Thank you Sarina for sharing with me. I have and continue to deal with bipolar disorder everyday in my home. I love my partner very much and I don what I can to learn about this illness. Part of that process for me is sharing with others in similar situations what I have learned. I just hope my experiences can help others

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When operating at lower outputs the divider will run more slowly than a five pocket machine, leading to reduced wear and lower oil consumption.
The dividers stop vehicles from intruding into the opposite lane and prevent drivers from taking sudden U-turns.
Saplings are being planted on dividers and roadsides.
Unlike existing LVPECL or LVDS dividers currently on the market, Micrel's FSI family prevents a metastable output condition when the input signal is removed or the amplitude fails.
The dividers feature a beech effect with servery-style gaps and glazed storage allowing some privacy between sleeping and living areas while providing useful storage.
What type of paper will be needed -- heavier weight paper for dividers, colored paper, three-hole punched paper, and/or notebook paper to include for notes?
Manzo Glass is also known for its exquisite etched, carved or stained glass, which is used in front entries, room dividers, bath enclosures and more.
To make dividers for inside your bank, measure the length and width of an empty oatmeal container.
In this case, their function has been retained, and the two dividers create three exhibition spaces in the gallery.
Highway safety products include parking stops and lane dividers that feature molded-in metal inserts that bolt into the pavement.
The line includes clear drawer dividers in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch heights, which, according to the company, can be used in storing fine silver, jewelry, hobby items and accessories.
The Building Department recently launched an investigation into the growing practice of using temporary dividers in rental apartments.