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Meckel's diverticulectomy done (Figure-2) and patient had a smooth post-operative recovery.
It can also be employed in patients when placement of a synthetic mesh sling is contraindicated, such as concomitant urethral diverticulectomy, repair of urethrovaginal fistulae, and history of prior radiation, as well as with history of prior or concurrent urethral mesh erosion.
So in case of suspected appendicitis, upon exploration if appendix is found to be normal, survey should be made for the presence of Meckel's diverticulum and diverticulectomy to be done accordingly.
A simple diverticulectomy, as advised earlier, is no longer recommended as it causes increased incidence of postoperative leakage, sepsis, and death.
Urethral diverticulectomy was performed by elliptical skin incision around the dorsal border of the diverticulum after complete evacuation of urine using a 10 cc syringe.
He had been having haemodialysis and had previously had transurethral resection of prostate and a bladder diverticulectomy after transurethral resection of bladder neck.
Intravesical methylene blue facilitates precise identification of the diverticular neck during robot-assisted laparoscopic bladder diverticulectomy.
In addition, several authors reported the successful use of the linear stapler in head and neck applications, most notably for endoscopic diverticulectomy and laryngectomy.
In both cases, permanent penile urethrostomy and diverticulectomy was performed in the region of the defect.
Due to their mesenteric location, simple diverticulectomy may impair blood flow due to damage to vasa recta and therefore may lead to anastomotic breakdown or fistula formation4-6.
Diverticulectomy, partial cystectomy and radical cystectomy with or without intravesical instillations are other modes of treatment.
Diverticulectomy was performed exposing the urinary passage.