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ditch (ditching),

n the undesirable loss of tooth substance in the region of a restoration margin (usually gingival).
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Hedgers and ditchers were valued in the society in which I grew up (West Wales).
contused demijohn demounts ditchers document forspent gunsmith mordents mouthing mudstone outspend portends shorting shouting
The hours of attendance were from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon, with two hours' break for the early Elizabethan dinner: time enough to wander in the gangling timber streets, hazardous though they were with traffic, conflagrations and the out-pourings of the ale houses, descended from the tavern-haunters of Piers Plowman: scavengers, rat-catchers, ditchers, horse-dealers, fiddlers, rope-makers, old-clothes sellers, needle-vendors, tinkers' apprentices, pedlars and other drinkers of beer by the gallon.