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A new topology display provides a complete graphical view of the entire Distrix overlay network.
Distrix formerly Spark Integration Technologies -- is a leading developer of software-defined network solutions that enables extremely secure and resilient networks that are simple to operate.
Leveraging Distrix, MTN's Nexus will deliver a highly reliable, fast, and protected connection to transparently provide user session continuity across dynamic Internet connectivity methods, without impacting the passenger or crew experience.
On the leading edge of changes that are coming to both diversified and maritime communications, MTN quickly grasped the value Distrix delivers," said Jay Friedman, President of Spark Integration Technologies.
The Distrix platform delivers unique value that created a perfect fit for our needs," said Bob Wise, CIO of MTN.
com) announced today Spark's Distrix software defined networking (SDN) platform is being used to advance the Industrial Internet of Things by adding new, advanced networking and communications infrastructure for legacy power generator equipment, thereby, preserving existing infrastructure investments.
For this power plant project, the Distrix platform provides a software overlay to create IP-level communications over an existing serial communications network.
With its Distrix platform, Spark recognizes that in advancing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine-to-Machine communication, avoiding "rip and replace" approaches are necessary.