distribution coefficient

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dis·tri·bu·tion co·ef·fi·cient

the ratio of concentrations of a substance in two immiscible phases at equilibrium; the basis of many chromatographic separation procedures.
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Remainder inclusion of the primary carbonates (calcite and aragonite) and strontium distribution coefficient between dolomite and diagenetic fluids are generally the main factors controlling the concentration of Sr in dolomite [8].
The amount of strontium in the dolomite is less than limestone due to lower distribution coefficient of strontium in the dolomite [15,38].
d] are the Langmuir and Freundlich distribution coefficients, respectively.
Comparing the measured values of distribution coefficients with those obtained by fitting the Linear, Langmuir, and Freundlich models to the data (Eqns 7, 8, and 9, respectively) also showed a better fit of the Langmuir and Freundlich models to the data (Fig.
The system parameters of the model are the assignment coefficient ([Mu]) and the distribution coefficient (v).
In the case freon F 113 was used as solvent the distribution coefficient of 4-methylphenol was high; therefore, we cannot regard [C.
The maximum values for Freundlich distribution coefficients were 171 L/kg for Cu sorption by CX, and 158 L/kg for Cu retention by PX soil.
Relationship of Cd transfer coefficient to soil pH and soil Cd distribution coefficient
The simulated curve suggests that the oil distribution coefficient should vary slightly with composition, e.
When other values of transition and distribution coefficients were used as bifurcation parameters, we observed other scenarios of evolution of the system (2.
The Windows based applications are used to compute octanol/water partition coefficients (LogP), distribution coefficients (LogD), and pKa values for molecules, while the MS-DOS based systems are used to compute the relative toxicities and the metabolites for potential new pharmaceuticals.
The distribution coefficients for the natural modes of vibration are:
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