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Those who are disadvantaged in the ability to process information due to deficits in working memory or attention may be more vulnerable to disruption of self-regulated learning (in academic and social arenas), and their resources may be further taxed if they also have to expend effort on regulating high negative emotional reactivity or distractibility.
Share this information discreetly with key staff to ensure that children are placed with other campers and staff who complement their levels of activity, adaptability, and distractibility.
In the 1995 Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, neurobiologist Deborah Cory-Slechta of the University of Rochester wrote, "Increased distractibility has also been cited as the basis of [lead]-associated cognitive impairments.
Preterm infants face an increased risk of behavioral problems, ranging from impulsiveness and distractibility to more serious conditions like autism and ADHD.
They are not as helpful for attention and distractibility.
These children also had higher mental processing speeds and improved distractibility scores.
Natalie Phillips, professor of 18th Century Literature and Culture at Michigan State University, who led the study, was inspired to conduct the research when she observed distractibility in herself and others.
People with the inattentive subtype show symptoms of inattention, distractibility, decreased motivation, disorganization, and low energy.
The underlying neurological basis of distractibility in children with ADD/ADHD seems to be a lack of sensory filtration at the level of the caudate nucleus, a group of nerve cells in the brain that acts as a relay station for all sensory input before it reaches conscious awareness.
They measure distractibility, encourage expression of feelings, and test hand mobility.
His family doctor prescribed the medication Ritalin to reduce his hyperactivity and distractibility.
Distractibility was the behavior seen as least acceptable to the employers surveyed, while lack of initiative was seen as the most acceptable behavior surveyed.