distance education

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dis·tance ed·u·ca·tion

(dis'tăns ej'yū-kā'shŭn)
Planned learning pursued in a place other than where the instruction is offered, using the Internet.

distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning
See also: education
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Data were collected using an instrument that was developed to measure factors affecting adoption and diffusion of distance education among university health education faculty (Ball, Ogletree, Jurkowski, Fetro, Asunda, & Miller, 2014).
Applications for enrollment in distance education programs are increasing in all countries.
The result has been a crazy quilt of regulations confronting community colleges promoting their distance education programs.
Research has shown that distance education requires students to be self-directed and motivated and that older students are more successful in distance education--perhaps because they have more self-discipline.
Quality measure in online distance education at a small comprehensive university.
technologies used for delivering distance education courses;
Distance education for master's students with visual impairments: Technology and support.
While federal restrictions on the size of distance education programs affect only a small number of schools' ability to offer federal student aid, the growing popularity of distance education could cause the number to increase in the future.
Gilcher and Johnstone, (1989) discovered that faculty who were the most satisfied with their distance education roles received support from faculty within their academic department who they deemed to be important.
Distance education is not new, and can be traced as far back as the first century.
In this chapter, some basic ideas are introduced in relation to Distance Education, and a Distance Education proposal is presented in particular.
Anyone contemplating distance education needs to decide what program best fits his or her lifestyle and what goals are desired, Craig advises.

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